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Punjabi Manch    8th Issue 

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Editorial :

Punjabi Manch has become two years old.  When we first introduced it in September of 1999 from my three bedroom apartment in the liberal city of Kent, WA it was named the Introductory Web inside our computer system.  We had no idea how successful it would be and where it would lead us.  Its counter has now crossed the10,000 mark and we still call it the Introductory Web in our system. This is a very good achievement considering the size and scope of the Punjabi community, Punjabi language and Punjabi Alphabet and the technical difficulties associated with it. 

 It is very tough to operate a website in the absence of any membership fees and any kind of outside financial help.  It was only possible with the moral support of our well wishers and a mission in mind.  Their moral support and appreciation mixed with the grace of the Almighty kept us going despite an effort by the BOEING-ETNA gang to starve my family for the last eighteen months. This gang has broken every promise and violated every rule on the books since they sent me on medical leave from BOEING eighteen months ago by paying me a total of $149.00 in eighteen months that is one hundred and forty nine.  Folks, there is no typographical error here. When I tell people about this fact, they do not believe it.  They say," How can it be? Boeing is such a great company.  How can they get away with something like this?"  The fact of the matter is that not only this gang can do it but they are actually doing it otherwise I wouldn't have posted it here. Boeing CEO Mr. Phil Condit can solve it with a single phone call but he won't do it in the absence of Marching Orders from Jackson's Extortion Racket.

Now that Condit & Clowns have seated themselves very comfortably in Jesse Jackson's lap in the windy city of Chicago, they can do it with impunity. Now as the Boeing Company has moved its headquarters to Mr. Jackson's backyard, Mr. Jackson is going to become the de facto CEO of the Boeing Company with his Extortion Racket as its de facto Board of Directors leaving no hope of justice for people like myself who refuse to walk in lockstep with this gang.  To add insult to injury, a new Axis rightfully dubbed by me as BUMS LIST ( ) has emerged to make life even more miserable for me. Some of you may think that as a member of an ethnic minority, I should actually be enjoying special protections. You are right, I would but only if I was aligned with the ClinGorites but I am not. Minorities are not supposed to be aligned with Republicans.  It is not only considered a sin but a crime as well in the liberal circles providing them with the mindset to chew you alive.  Folks, I was only a Republican but now this gang has made me a hard core Republican.  The Liberal Mafia in the United States and Canada does not like me because I am a conservative and have been paying the price for the last nine years for not agreeing with them despite being a minority community member. The more visible I become the tighter the noose around my neck is going to get because they are fighting it like a war and I am well aware of it.  

Under these circumstances, it is even more difficult for me to continue this endeavor alone but I will keep trying.  Only time will tell if I can keep this Website in operation for another two years or even one year for that matter.  However, I am not willing to beg for the mercy of Boeing-Etna Axis guided by Condit-Clowns and Jackson-Racketeers nor am I willing to break by the hits of the BUMS Club ( ). I rather beg for the grace of God to give me the necessary strength to carry on the Mission of Exposing the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. 

God willing, two years from now, Punjabi Manch will still be operational carrying the banner:

"Give Me This Boon O' Lord That From Righteous Deeds, I May Never Refrain"


Yours Truly,            

Amrik S. Kang, Editor               Puyallup, WA, USA             September 10, 2001