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Punjabi Manch    7th Issue   

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Editorial :

Boeing chief Condit and his Clowns have mistaken a sewer dump for a Landing Pad.

As everybody expected the Boeing company has finally disclosed its destination for its new headquarters.  The only surprise for most people was Boeing's selection of a new city namely Chicago.  Most people expected Boeing to select Dallas from amongst Dallas, Denver and Chicago.  I did not know anybody amongst my circle of friends who expected Boeing to choose Chicago because it is even worse than Seattle in many respects.  I was the only one in this circle of friends who predicted that Boeing would choose Chicago.  It was precisely the reason I formulated and declared the above headline in advance in the last issue and promised to post it in this issue.  When I predicted it, friends questioned the logic behind such a prediction considering Chicago to be even worse.  My answer was," One man 's meat is another man's poison."  What looked bad to my friends actually looked good to Boeing Chief Condit and his Clowns( his upper management ) was my reasoning to arrive at that prediction.

Anything Boeing does, affects the state of Washington especially the Puget Sound area of western Washington.  Many friends got worried and started calling me when Boeing first announced its intentions of leaving Seattle.  They told me that their incomes would be affected and the prices of their houses would go down. I told them that even if that was the case Boeing does not care.  Boeing does not care even about people like myself who have given ten years or more of their lives to this company.  After sending me on medical leave this gang of Boeing-Aetna Thugs have constantly denied me any kind of disability payments covered by my insurance I have paid into for a decade.  On the other hand Condit and his Clowns do not hesitate catering to the Jackson's Extortion Racket. This extortion racket claims to be the protector of minorities.  Why don't I qualify as a minority? What color of glasses do they use to see me? The fact of the matter is that this gang does not care about minorities.  it uses them for their own personal enrichment.  This is how the leaders of this gang have accumulated vast amounts of wealth for themselves and live in large Mansions without even doing any kind of real work.

The Boeing culture has changed quite a bit since 1990 when I started working for this company.  Boeing's leaving Seattle made me happy because I knew that this would decimate Boeing's Old Boy Network in Seattle.  On the other hand I was worried that if Boeing moves to Chicago, the Seattle network can be easily replaced by Jackson's Extortion Racket.  Now as Boeing has been hijacked to Chicago by Condit-Jackson gang under a secret deal to materialize a conspiracy against thousands of non conforming folks like myself as I expected, this gang will plunder this company even more and employees like myself who refuse to walk in lockstep will be suppressed even further leading to the further deterioration of the Boeing's Family Culture.  Therefore, keep in mind that the worse is jet to come.

Yours Truly,            

Amrik S.Kang               Puyallup, WA, USA            May 21, 2001