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Punjabi Manch    6th Issue 

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Welcome !!!

Punjabi Manch celebrated its one year anniversary and Christmas together last year on December 25th, 2000.  Our well wishers and Punjabi Writers of Washington state participated.  Mrs. Sawraj Kaur, President of the Punjabi Literary Association of Seattle and Avtar Singh Adampuri, General Secretary of the Association are on the stage.  Amrik S. Kang, Editor of Punjabi Manch is standing on Avtar Singh Adampuri's left side.  More Photos 


Editorial :

The General Elections in the United States are over.  The new administration lead by a Republican President is now in place.  With only a week and a half in office, President George W. Bush has won many hearts.  He has proposed a change of direction to stop and reverse the moral, cultural and political decay of this country.  United States is my adopted home so it is natural that I was getting extremely worried about the state of affairs in this country.  I was even more worried because United States is the motherland of my children.  When I leave this world, I want them to inherit a good country from me or at least I should be able to look them in the eyes and tell them that I did whatever I could to improve things.  It will not only be a foolishness but a great injustice as well not to make them aware about the state of affairs of their motherland.  They are almost seven and nine years old and understand the World around them.  I wish they could have enjoyed a little more innocence and childhood. 

Only a couple of years ago, these children used to jump and shout 'President', President' whenever they saw Bill Clinton on the TV screen.  They used to be happy as if they had passed some kind of quiz test in recognizing the President.  This always put me and my wife in a very uncomfortable situation because without saying a word, we did not approve their happiness in recognizing Bill Clinton.  On the other hand, we did not want to ruin their childhood and their innocence either.  Therefore, we tried to ignore it by looking the other way but we were in a very tough situation.  However, it made us very uncomfortable when it happened on TV screens inside a store like Fred Myers and some others. 

Once our dentist showed them Bill Clinton's picture on the cover of a magazine and asked them if they knew who he was.  They did answer in the affirmative but I intervened telling our dentist that they knew nothing about his life.  He said, " Well ! sooner or later they are going to find out anyway."  I responded, " By the time they are going to find out, a new president may be in office." All we were trying to protect was the Presidency and not Bill Clinton the President.

It did not happen the way we expected it because these children stopped showing any happiness on seeing Bill Clinton's picture about a year ago.  Moreover they started developing a dislike for him probably sensing it from us their parents.  They did find out that their parents did not like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. 

Thank God ! now a year later we do not have that problem anymore.  Now we not only have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's picture on our shelf but that of George W. Bush and his family's as well.

A year has made a difference and we are satisfied that despite untold misery and financial hardship deliberately imposed upon me and my family by a gang of Boeing-Clowns and Aetna-Thugs, we were able to play a part in this election even though we could not do as much as we wanted to.

As far as Punjabi Manch is concerned, even a quarter has made a difference.  We have not only gained more traffic but have made new friends as well during this past quarter.  We also feel honored by the offer of an Ad that came last week for our website even though we have not decided to go for it yet.  

We appreciate your continued moral support and cooperation.  Also our hearts go for the innocent people killed in various natural disasters during last year including the earthquake that just shook western India and still continues to unfold.  We pray the remainder of the new year to be a better one for everybody. 


With the warmest regards,            

Amrik S.Kang                   January 31, 2001 Kent,  WA     U.S.A.