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  Punjabi Manch    4th Issue 


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Encyclopedia of Sikhism and its Author Raghbir Singh Bains was well received by the Sikh Community of Seattle.

On July 22nd, 2000 the author of the 'Encyclopedia of Sikhism' Raghbir Singh Bains paid a visit to the Sikh community of Seattle.  A slide show was organized at the Sikh Temple in Renton.  He showed the excerpts from the Encyclopedia through selected slides.  It was a Saturday night yet there was a very large audience and his slide show was well received.  The following day on July 23rd was a Sunday with a heavy congregation.  Raghbir Singh Bains and his slide show was received even better.  This entire Encyclopedia on a CD-Rom is considered an excellent contribution to the cause of Punjabi language as well as to Sikh history and religion without which the history and culture of Punjab can not be understood.

Raghbir Singh Bains, M.A.,L.L.B  addressing the audience before starting his slide show at the Sikh Temple in Renton, USA.