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  Punjabi Manch    4th Issue 

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Once Again Punjabi Manch Condemns the Massacre of Innocent Civilians in Kashmir

Seattle ( August 7, 2000 )

A little over four months ago, we condemned the massacre of innocent civilians in Kashmir.  At that time, this is what we wrote,

"It makes no difference who was behind the massacre of innocent civilians in Kashmir, it has to be condemned.  I have always condemned such killings of innocent civilians no matter which community, color, religion, race or other such denomination they belong to.  Similar killings of innocent Hindus did not solve anything in the state of Punjab, nor will these killings of innocent Sikhs in Kashmir are going to solve anything."

Last time, those innocent people were Sikhs and this time they are Hindus.  Some other time they could be Muslims, Christians or from some other denomination.  It is sad that most of the time, innocent civilians pay the price during such conflicts.

As usual, India and Pakistan have blamed each other for these killings. However, the Kashmiri militant groups have denied any involvement in this massacre.

The situation in Kashmir has become from bad to worse over the years and needs a political solution without which there will be no end to the suffering of the innocent people there. India and Pakistan can follow the example of the United States and Canada in this issue.

------Amrik S. Kang