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  April 2000   Issue 3.

  Punjabi Manch

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Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal wrote:


Dear Editor Sahib,
Sat Sri Akaal,
Congratulations. May your web site flourish-- When I was surfing the Internet and
I saw your web site and found it very interesting. Please keep up the good work, Punjabi community needs people like you, who can dedicate their time for the betterment of Punjabi community.

I would like you to invite to visit to see the
Punjabi E-Magazine "Dastaq".

With regards,
Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal (E-Mail:


Our Response:


Dhaliwal Sahib, Sat sri Akal !

I am in receipt of your email.  Thanks for the compliments and your kind words.  I have just visited your site and signed your guestbook. Good job ! Mubarak !!

We will be happy to provide a reciprocal link on our site if you so desire.

With Regards,
Amrik S. Kang

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