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  April 2000   Issue 3.

  Punjabi Manch

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A Letter from K. S. Gyani

Forwarded to the poet Atal Bihari Bajpayee

Dear Amrik Ji,
Sat Sri Akal.
I suddenly remembered about your Website today.
Thanks for providing room for two of my Geets. I feel honored.
I read your poem twice. I am sure who so ever reads it, cannot do so without
For some times I have thought about this HOLOCAUST.  And feel strongly that in
the memory of those innocent people who suffered that cold blooded murder at
the hands of Congress, we must do something constructive.  Although the
present day rulers may be chips of the same block, I wish you could some how
reach Atal Bihari Bajpayee. The card you have to play is that if BJP really
wants to completely finish with ( Sonia Gandhi) Congress, he should come
forward and
1.  Get  a memorial constructed in New Delhi  ( Like Jallianwala Bagh) in the
names   of those who perished at the hands of this Barbarous party (
Congress), to let the   whole world know their real character.

2. Allow shooting of a movie named something like1984 Sikh Holocaust,
    so that the whole universe could see, what was really SECULAR in the
INDRA's Government. If that fails, Sikh NRIs should donate money  for  
both the items as   mentioned above. I am sure famous actors such as
Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Om    Puri, and Raj Babbar will really do a great
justice to this subject.

Amrik Ji, I am sure your young voice can really do a miracle.

    Regards to Mrs. Kang.
      Karnail Singh

Our Response:

Seattle,  USA

July 4, 2000


Dear Gyani Ji,

Sat Sri Akal,

Thanks for your email as it prompted us to do some search on the Prime Minister of India.  We have discovered that the Prime Minister of India is a poet too and has a website as a poet.  We have visited his website and read his poems.  We have posted your email on Punjabi Manch and have decided to send that page to the Poet Atal Bihari Bajpayee and not the Prime Minister Bajpayee on behalf of two poets( the two of us).  I am certain that there are scores of other poets of the Indian Origin who will agree with us.   Now let us hope for a courtesy of reply from a poet if not a Prime Minister. If Atal Bihari Bajpayee is as good a listener as the late Mr. Hari Vishnu Kamath, MP who was one of the architects of the Indian Constitution and a stalwart of the Indian Political Scene, we will definitely hear from him. 

With Regards,

Amrik S. Kang & Manjeet K. Kang


Amrik with H.V.Kamath, Member Parliament in 1981


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