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                                      Issue 1. Vol. 1.             September 1999

    Punjabi Manch

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Welcome !
On behalf of Punjabi Manch and Punjabi Sahit Sabha ( Punjabi Literary Association ) of Seattle, We wish you a very Merry Christmas ! Happy Hanukkah ! Happy Ramadan ! and a Prosperous New Year !  


December 25, 1999

December 25, 1999

The Grand Opening of this website took place on September 4, 1999.  In order to see the pictures of people who participated in the grand opening, please click on Grand Opening.

It does not matter how you arrived here this time.  Please note that next time you can get here via any one of the following ten Web Addresses and you can mail your literary works either in Punjabi or in English to the street address given at the bottom of this page.

Ph: (253) 840-9509
Fax: (253) 840-9515




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