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Press Release:
14 July, 2013 (Seattle, USA)

Punjabi Manch/Punjabi Manch Films, USA condemn Dhira Mann and Ashwani Kumar's arrest for their role in the Punjabi comedy film: Jatt Julli Ch.

Punjabi Manch has concluded that these arrests are nothing but an attempt by the corrupt officers of the Punjab Police to cover their own misdeeds and corrupt behavior. They do not want their misdeeds to be exposed that this film does in such a masterful way. Punjab Police have the vested interest to silence bold writers, singers, actors, directors and any kind of performing artists who dare speak or act against the rampant corruption in the ranks of this force. That is the reason Punjab Police together with some vested interests in the Punjabi community in Punjab have hatched this conspiracy under false pretenses.

Punjabi Manch is hereby extending full moral support to Dhira Mann and Ashwani Kumar. 

Furthermore, Punjabi Manch is urging its fans and all freedom loving people all over the world to stand behind Dhira Mann, Ashwani kumar and any other artist who may be the target of Punjab Police infiltrated by gangs of thugs disguised as police officers. 

In the end, Punjabi Manch is urging the Punjab Government to cleanse its police force from the above cited cancer so that the people of Punjab can get a sigh of relief

Yours Truly,
Amrik S. Kang, Owner/Director Punjabi Manch Films



December 11, 2011 (Seattle, USA)

An Important Press Release:

Mr. KARNAIL SINGH KAIL a Punjabi writer and the General Secretary of PUNJABI LIKHARI SABHA of Seattle (Regd.) organized and founded by Punjabi Ghazalgo HARBHAJAN SINGH BAINS who happens to be its current President has been arrested in a criminal case in Seattle. The judge refused to release him on bail due to the seriousness of the criminal charges. Karnail Singh Kail was also a committee member of Seattle's largest Sikh Temple controlled by the KHALISTANIS. Please remember that PUNJABI MANCH or PUNJABI SAHIT SABHA of Seattle has absolutely no affiliation with that organization. PUNJABI SAHIT SABHA of Seattle is a twenty year old organization and has nothing to do with PUNJABI LIKHARI SABHA run by Mr. Harbhajan Singh Bains and Karnail Singh Kail. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Bains and Mr. Kail's organization is a two year old BREAKAWAY group of Khalistanis plus some Goondas/Goons (added later to the group) MASQUERADING as a literary outfit. 

Please make a note of it.

Yours Truly,

Amrik Kang, Editor Punjabi Manch 
General Secretary, Punjabi Sahit Sabha of Seattle

A news item from the Punjabi newspaper : Ajit Jalandhar


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(1 February 2014  ) Punjabi Sahit Sabha Rama Mandi District Bathinda elects its main office bearers for 2014.  Gurmeet Swami, Charnjeet Chann and Satnam Malhi elected President, General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Some posts will be filled later on.

Egypt's Suleiman denies army support, accuses Islamists of sending him death threats

Syria wants guarantees for troop pullout

New York Auto Show : World's first 'sky worthy' car

'60 Minutes Icon' Mike Wallace dies at age 93

New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline, serving Jordan, Israel

US has made lot of intelligence gains in Iran through drones

Pakistan president makes a rare trip to India

US, Afghanistan compromise on night raid operations

Pakistan needs substantial evidence against Saeed: Gilani

Saudi Arabia opens trial of 50 Al Qaeda suspects

Huge search for trapped Pakistani soldiers

US defines its demands for a new round of talks with Iran

Gas prices on Catalina island pass $7 mark

North Korea threatens merciless punishment as it launches rocket launch

Florida police pose as giant bunnies to catch illegal drivers

Egypt's ex-spy chief to run for president

Mali junta leaders agree to power transfer

UN condemns Syria for new attacks

Jesse Jackson calls on blacks to wear hoodies to the polling places

US labor market slows its stride

Countries of African union reject rebel claims of independent Azawad

North Korea on schedule for mid April launch

Friend china points to Pakistan as terror source

Report : US, Israel helped train Iranian dissidents

China shuts political websites in crackdown

Hugo Chavez weeps and calls on God to spare his life

Scientists rewrite rules of human reproduction

Russian arms dealer gets 25 years in prison

Africa : X-Ray technology used to grow more nutritious crops

Ceasefire pressure grows over Syria

Scientists working on a device that will travel through the blood stream

France--> Sarkozy bans cheese from the Elysee palace

Pilot turns back after snake pops out of dashboard

Barry : We've got to do something about these Asians coming in

Hezbollah threat is already in the US with 200-300 sympathizers in New York alone

A waitress gets $12000 tip and is allowed to keep it.

Radioactive fluid leaks at the French nuclear reactor

Israel : Prime Minister says Sinai is now a terror zone

Half a million Mac computers attacked and infected with malware

Grisly death fuels tales of Russian police torture

Syria steps up assault as UN moves to send monitors to Syria

Raw Video : Tornado tosses trucks, eighteen wheeler being thrown into the air

Truce declared in Libya city after 147 dead and 395 wounded

Iranian tanker with Syrian oil passes through Suez canal

Tuareg rebels proclaim independence in Northern Mali

Pro Palestinian groups plan to arrive in Israel on April 15 for a Land Day event

Rocket carrying secret payload launches from California

Online graphic warns of Al Qaeda's return to New York city

China becomes world's biggest grocery market

Pakistan pays no heed, strengthens Hafiz Saeed's security

Clinton warns of destabilizing Iran options

Sarah Palin's pick for VP is Allen West

Americans bracing for next wave of foreclosures

US election 2012: Republican delegate count so far

Turkey sys 2800 flee Syria in one day

NBC offers apology on Zimmerman tape screw up

Mali coup leaders call for a national meeting

Africa : Scientists find evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago

America's UN ambassador warns the Syrian regime over violence

USA--> Romney widens his delegate lead after three primaries

US offers $10 million bounty for India's 26/11 terror suspect


Syria fighting rages as protesters march nationwide

China arrests over coup rumors

UK is suffering from fuel shortages

Latest US sanctions designed to cut Iran oil exports

Iran helps Syria ship oil to China

NAACP condemns Sharpton's call for civil disobedience

Al Sharpton : Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free

Despite accepting UN plans, Syrian army continues raids

Malians back coup as rebels gain ground

International radio astronomy to benefit Africa

Scores killed in Southern Libya in clashes between tribal militias

USA --> Home prices hit a 10 year low

Syria accepts the Annan plan, Assad is in the city of Homs

Arab league begins key Baghdad summit

Sudan : Air Forces bomb oilfields in South Sudan

Syria clashes: Clashes spill over into Lebanon

USA--> Healthcare law endures tough questioning in the US Supreme court

Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in The Butler

How does the tallest man in America buy his shoes?

Gas prices are going to go up even more, says the Fed chairman

Flight captain of JetBlue goes berserk midair

Israel--> Exchange of Fire along Israel-Egypt border

Too much sitting can kill you, a study suggests

Pentagon to seek additional Iron Dome funding

Attacker in Afghan uniform kills two British soldiers

Tibetan protester self-immolates in the Indian capital ahead of the China summit

Report : Campaign funds become a family affair

A Canadian policeman poses as a beggar to catch drivers using cellphones

Turkish embassy in Syria closed, senior intel officer assassinated

Sudan armies clash in border region

Arab spring brings some sour fruits

Pope Benedict starts his Cuba visit and meets Raul Castro

Gas prices expected to continue to rise all summer long

Sarkozy bans imams from entering France

Syria's Muslim brotherhood says committed to democracy, fight against terrorism

Russia : Annan's mission is the last chance for Syria

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis say Iran strike less risky than nuclear threat


South Korea warns it may shoot down North Korean rocket

Mali -->Relative calm returns to Mali capital

Santorum : Romney worst Republican to face Obma

83 Year old woman sues the Apple store for smashing her face on a glass door

A Syrian pilot refuses to carry order to kill protesters, defects and heads to Turkey

EU imposes sanctions on Syrian leader's wife, mother, sister and sister-in-law

Mali coup leader appeals for calm

Syria's armed opposition chiefs form a military council to unite ranks

Chavez returns to Cuba for chemotherapy

After Louisiana win, Santorum vows to fight on

Canada halts aid to Mali after military coup

African Union suspends Mali over coup

India bans its airlines from paying EU carbon tax

Book tells Muslim men how to beat and control their wives

President Obama visits Koreas' demilitaruzed zone

Iran planned to bomb an Israeli ship in the Suez canal

Pope Benedict : Communism no longer working in Cuba

Debris prompts space station crew to seek shelter

Japanese CCTV camera can scan 36 million faces per second

Syrian Government forces renew shelling of the city of Homs

Crime against women on the rise in trains in India

Economists say there are steep challenges ahead for the next administration

Israeli spies search Iran for proof of nuclear plans

Queen stuns a couple by dropping by at their wedding


Mali coup leaders close all borders amid condemnation from Washington, Africa

Cnada : Canada' mortgage body moving to slow down the booming housing market

Mali : Rebellion claims a president

Sarkozy : Jail those who browse terror websites

Tibetan hunger strike ends with UN letter

Syrian opposition slams UN declaration

Schools ban children making best friends

Denver juror who lied to get out of duty, bragged about it on radio and got arrested

US to resume military aid to Egypt

USA --> Sugar the cat survives a 19 storey fall with no broken bones

USA : Santorum prefers president Obama over Romney

Science : Astronomers find jewel in the universe


Mutiny in the West African nation of Mali, UN urging calm

Canada --> Richmond duo facing 12 drug and gun charges after police raid

Punjabi radio station owner Maninder Gill to stand trial for Surrey shooting

Syrian forces assault opposition stronghold

Egypt --> Muslim brotherhood mulling run for president

French police launch assault on besieged gunman

Iran has conducted surveillance in New York city, says the NYPD

33 US senators introduce resolution condemning Joseph Kony and the LRA

Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney

US puts India, China on notice on Iranian oil sanctions

Gadhafi contacts prompting Canada to review policies towards foreign militaries

Anti Jews feelings on the rise in France

French police has surrounded the suspect in Jewish school shooting

The GOP race is now lining up for Romney

Asians the fastest growing race group in the united States

China --> Inside the ring : Beijing coup rumors


Canada --> Skyrocketing house prices bound to come down, BMO head says

Punjabi smugglers could not fool agents with a personalized license plate reading SMUGGLER

Russia has started to criticize Assad

India, China not spared from US sanctions on Iran oil

France begins largest manhunt due to shooting

Jordan is against army intervention in Syria

Iran to boost crude oil storage capacity to circumvent sanctions

US space tourism set to take off by 2014, says FAA

Russian court dismisses ban on Bhagvad Gita

Fatah : Iran paid Hamas to block the Palestinian unity deal

IMF chief warns of oil prices going up by 30% if Iranian oil supplies are disrupted

US lawmakers reject Pakistani calls to end drone strikes

Israelis grow confident a strike on Iran's nukes can work

Fox News reprimands Dick Morris for auctioning off tour of the Channel at GOP fundraiser

Santorum got crushed by Romney in Illinois primary

Mysterious booms baffle officials in Eastern Wisconsin

Assad's wife Asma to face EU sanctions

Driver causes gas pump explosion in a Miami gas station

Energy secretary gives himself an "A" grade for handling higher gas prices

State department exempts 11 countries from Iran sanctions

Mexico hit by strong earthquake near Alcapulco

Over 40 dead and 200 wounded in Iraq attacks

Sri Lanka holds first census in 30 years

Libya, France and ICC demand extradition of Gadhafi's intelligence chief



Fighting rages in Syria amid conflicting reports of deployment of Russian forces

Red Cross hopeful of daily truce as Annan experts arrive in Damascus

Turkey is talking about creating a safe zone across the border in Syria

Huge manhunt underway after fatal French shootings

Classified US war game sees perils of Israeli strike against Iran

Sweden moving towards cashless economy

Woman sued to pay $6000 for planting flowers in her front yard

When Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney as a conservative

The Pirate Bay to put its servers on unmanned drones to avoid law enforcement

Highest gas prices recorded in March

Einstein's complete archives to be put online

Even Einstein could not think of a peace plan for the Middle East

Chinese discover backdoor into Canada through Quebec

Iraq style civil war seems to be taking off in Syria

Voices rise against the verdict of the New Jersey jury in the Indian student Dharun Ravi's case

Science World : NASA unveils the atlas and catalog of the entire infra red sky


Syrian arms imports surge thanks to Russia

Iran will not give up nuclear rights, says MP

Heavy fighting shakes Syrian capital

Somalia --> War plane hit Al-Shabab bases in Somalia

Romney handily wins Puerto Rico's GOP primary

I am the real dictator, declares Assad's British born wife

Rick Santorum calls Puerto Rico 'Spanish speaking country'

Science --> Why we never see the far side of the moon?

Israeli Finance Minister : Swift decisions may collapse Iran's economy

UK --> Roads to be privatized to fill holes in finances

Canada --> Storm clouds forming over Vancouver real estate

India --> Two Italian tourists abducted by Maoists : TV Reports


Libya--> Libyans asking Mauritania to extradite detained spy chief of the former dictator Gadhafi

Venezuela --> Chavez makes energetic homecoming after surgery

Turkey --> Hamas chief meets with Turkish prime minister on Palestinian reconciliation

USA --> Little Rock airport to be renamed after Bill and Hillary Clinton

Australia --> WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to run for Australian senate

Afghanistan --> Gulf widens between US and the volatile Karzai

Egypt --> Constitution writing committee to include 50 lawmakers from Islamist dominated parliament

Syria -->  Several dead in Damascus blasts killing dozens

Latvia --> Latvians pay annual tribute to Waffen SS fighters, a march denounced by scholar and minority Russians

Iran --> Iran's parliament speaker says Israel won't attack

Switzerland --> Second team of scientists say neutrinos do not travel faster than light

Belarus --> Belarus executes two men convicted in metro bombing

USA --> Afghan killing suspect has saved lives, says an army captain

Saudi Arabia --> Saudis are sending military equipment to Syrian rebels according to a diplomat

Argentina --> UNASUR rejects Falklands oil exploration

Venezuela --> Chilean diplomat's teenage daughter shot dead in Venezuela, several police officers arrested

USA --> The radio that can send messages through 240 Metres of solid rock may communicate with distant worlds

Ukraine --> Ukraine President says price for Russian gas is wrong and unfair

Germany --> Nazi war criminal dead at age 91

USA --> Santorum thinks Illinois win will be key to his nomination

New Zealand --> 70,000 people will take part by running or walking in the annual 'Round the Bays'

China  --> China becomes the 3rd largest tourist destination : Official


Saudi Arabia -->Al Arabia declines to publish Assad's very personal emails

USA -->Rick Santorum reacts to his shirtless photo

Egypt --> Foot and Mouth disease spreads in Egypt

USA -->The Indian student Dhrun Ravi found guilty in webcam case

The Bin laden plot to kill President Obama

USA -->'Kony 2012' filmmaker detained in San Diego

Syria -->Annan wants international observers in Syria by Sunday

Lack of fully heated sausages at 7-Eleven store sends a woman into frenzy causing her arrest

Syria-->Assad Email leaks spilling the beans

USA --> Gingrich calls on Romney to stop negative ads

Eritrea : Ethiopian forces raid Asmara's bases

USA -->Farrakhan blames Jews for ancient slavery, ignores modern Islamic slavery

Syria ---> Huge pro-Assad rallies in Damascus, despite massacres, total death toll reaches 9000 so far

Iran hit by another round of major financial sanctions

Argentina to sue Falklands oil companies

North Korea to launch satellite for late Kim's birthday

Russia --->  Opposition sees jailing as warning shots from Putin

Afghanistan ---> Karzai demands that US should pull back from villages

Iranian military commander : We must destroy America

USA ---> Santorum could walk away without delegates even if he wins his home state of Pennsylvania

israel --->Netanyahu says that Israel won't need U.S. okay to hit Iran

USA ---> California could decide the GOP nominee

Iran and Syria lay ambitious plans for rail, road, air and electricity links

US and UK mulling releasing oil reserves

USA --->Signs of financial strain showing up for Romney

Ethiopia attacks military base inside Eritrea

Syrian president takes advice from Iran on how to handle uprising against his rule

Russian made ammunition found in Osama's home

'H-Bomb' asteroid to skim past Earth in 2013


Saudi Arabia : Saudi oil chief pledges to offset shortfalls

Syria : Two Turkish journalists missing as Syria responds to Annan proposals

Iran : Iranian Parliament grills embattled Ahmadinejad

USA : Imported food outbreaks rise, 45% of those foods came from Asia, CDC says

Ethiopia : Nineteen killed in gun attack on a bus

From the top of the world : Glimpses of North Tibet

Indian American doctor convicted of health care fraud

US, Russia heading for consensus over Syria, state Dept. rep says

North Korea's new leader tells military to wipe out enemies

China : Mysterious Chinese fossils may be new human species

Morocco : Moroccans demand change to Islamic penal code after 16 year old rape victim kills herself

Lebanon : Maltraeted maid shown in video aired on Lebanon TV kills herself

Russia : Putin refuses to free anti-Kremlin punk band

China : Chinese president holds telephone talk with Putin on international issues

USA : Gingrich insists losses won't force him out

Syria : Syrian rebels lack money and guns after key defeats

Switzerland : Victims of deadly Swiss coach crash mourned

Afghanistan : US soldiers asked to disarm during Leon Panetta speech

Japan : Earthquakes shake Tokyo and Northern Japan

Twitter agrees to remove anti Assad accounts

USA : GOP Primaries, Delegate count so far

Russia : Dissident asking for human rights sanctions against Putin's people

USA : NBC pulls Ron Paul's last embedded reporter

Canada : Why the latest mortgage war was months in the making

Syria : Secret Assad emails lift the lid on life of leader's inner circle

Azerbaizan official : Iran trained suspects to hit Israeli targets

Afghanistan : US soldier who allegedly killed civilians, flown out of the country


Syria : Assad sets May 7, as the date for parliament vote in Syria

USA : Santorum wins in deep south

Russia : We are happy to sell arms to Assad

Study finds Heart Disease Drug may be helpful in combating racism

USA : Newt Gingrich vows to stay in the race

Santorum : Fox News is shilling for Mitt Romney

Syrian troops retake the opposition stronghold

Cameron in US : Public want endgame in Afghanistan

Syria : Opposition asking for intervention in Syria, aims to send arms to rebels

Russia : Demand for regime change in Syria is not helpful

Belgium : Mosque set on fire and a suspect taken into custody

Nijeria : Suicide bombers hit another church in Jos

Afghans urge US exit after killings, US says withdrawal plan unchanged

Human Engineering to combat the climate change

Yahoo sues Facebook for infringing 10 patents

Al Gore says, "Democracy has been hacked"

Pollster says client Marco Rubio is a great VP pick

Iran : Ahmadinejad dismisses western threats against Iran

US and UK will end their combat roles next year

USA : Feds are promising tough oversight in mortgage deal


Egypt : Parliament moves to withdraw confidence from the Government

Syria :  Scores dead as Russia agrees to Assad powers handover

France : sarkozy threatens to pull France from Europe visa free zone

Egypt : Egyptian Court clears 'virginity test' doctor

El Salvador : National Republican Alliance is leading in the polls

Peru : Nude cyclists stage a protest in the streets of Lima

Israel : The spymaster Meir Dagan speaks on the Iranian threat

California : Stockton residents bracing for their city's looming bankruptcy

Afghanistan : US sergeant is accused of killing 16 civilians

Afghans vow vengeance for soldier's killing spree


USA : Election 2012 and GOP delegate tracker

Syria : At least 83 killed despite Kofi Annan's visit

Sweden : Boy and girl gender abolished in Sweden

New details about life in Bin Laden's hideout

California supreme court ruling could prompt cameras in the classroom to curb abuse

Arab countries support an attack on Iran, says Israel's UN ambassador

Japan : 65 people exposed to radiation in the wake of Fukushima disaster

USA : Rasmussen Reports : Daily Presidential tracking reports

USA : Gingrich calls the new TV show on ABC anti Christian

Lebanon : Lebanese domestic worker abuse video goes viral

Slovakia : Opposition poised to win the Slovak elections

Switzerland :  Swiss 'birdman' glides across the Alps in free fall

Kenya : Three killed in suspected Shabaab Nairobi attack

USA : Suspect arrested in Washington courthouse attack

India : Two women paraded naked in a village in India, no arrests so far

Australia : $2 million error sends a mother on a shopping spree and she spends it all

Somalia : Somali Islamist group Al Shabaab ambushed Ethiopian troops


Syria : Syrian opposition leader says his group is receiving donations, arms

Senator Carl Levin is asking for naval blockade of Iran before any military strike

Facebook has become a place where people uncover things about each other

Syria : Over 70 dead amid reports of defection of senior Syrian leaders

Kenya sacks 25000 striking nurses

China : 'Uprising Day' plans muted due to Chinese clampdown on the Tibetan people

USA : Gingrich won't quit the race even if he loses in South on Tuesday

Iraq : 90 Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for 'emo' haircuts

Russian opposition promises more protests

China : World's biggest exhibition center set for Shanghai

USA : Driver gets three speeding tickets in one hour trying to get to his court appearance on time

Flight attendant on plane rants about crashing

China reports rare trade deficit as imports grow

Southern Israel under rocket attack after Israeli air force kills a Gaza terror group leader that kidnapped Shalit

India cancels visa for Japanese anti nuclear activist

USA : RNC's delegate count shows Gingrich ahead of Santorum

Governor Chris Christi calls a former navy seal an 'idiot'

Gloria Allred seeks Rush Limbaugh prosecution

Greece : Moody's declares Greece in default of debt

Entire Pacific Nation could one day move to Fiji

92 year old farmer pulled a gun and chased three thieves away

South Africa : Govt. will comply with Walmart-Massmart judgement

Kuwait among nations up for Bush Fellowship

Japan's 2011 nuclear calamity was preventable but today's standards won't do it

Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers

Gingrich is ahead of Santorum in two southern states namely Mississippi and Alabama according to polls

Saudi Arabia : Saudi police break up protest at a women's campus, says a report

Germany : Foreign minister says Germany wants a new debate on EU constitution

Russia regards an attack on Iran a threat to Russia


Syria's deputy oil minister is the highest ranking civilian official who has defected.

Six British troops killed in Afghan blast

Fears of disruption as a big solar storm is set to hit Earth

Panetta : 'International Permission' trumps congressional permission for starting military action

House bans Barney Frank from speaking for a day

Senators to Obama : Get out of Afghanistan

India: The ruling congress party loses in state polls

USA : Santorum asking buddies to pressure Gingrich to drop out not realizing that Santorum will be crushed by the President

France : There are too many foreigners in France according to Sarkozy

Syria : Assad to pursue reforms, Europe mulls removing envoys

NASA probes begin mapping lunar gravity

USA : Romney wins Ohio and four other Super Tuesday states

Syria : Medical staff tortures patients in a Syrian military hospital, a leaked report shows

IAEA is concerned over Iran's nuclear activities

Russia Election : 550 people arrested protesting against the election fraud

Location of G-8 summit moved from Chicago to Camp David

Former First Lady Barbara Bush  : "It's been the worst campaign I've ever seen in my life"

Syria : 13 French soldiers arrested in Syria

Congo-Brazzaville : Hundreds dead and injured in an arms dump explosion

Canada shuts down embassy, further expands sanctions on Syria

US officials believe that Netanyahu has already decided to strike Iran

Andrew Breitbart : Coroner wants to cover all the bases

Famous impersonator Steve Bridges dies at age 48

Concern grows for young girls posting their videos asking "Am I pretty?

Syria : Death toll rises due to heavy clashes in south Syria near the Jordan border

USA : Rick Santorum lying about the call, says Scott Sloan


Tibetan woman burns herself to death in Sichuan

China : Right to a second child should be tranferred

Space : Newly discovered 'dark core' challenges our understanding of the universe

Venezuela : Hugo Chavez says new tumor was cancerous

Argentina : A huge glacier collapses and falls into a lake below

Libya : World war II graves smashed in Libya

Poland : Death toll in train crash climbs to 16

Israeli PM welcomes President Obama's statement about Israel's right  to self defence

Syrian forces pound city of Homs, block the aid convoy

Obese man turns to Yutube for help

Iran : Early results show that Ahmadinejad's opponents are leading in polls

NBC/WSJ Poll : Primaries are hurting the Republicans

Russia : Vladimir Putin wins the Russian Presidency amid election fraud

UK : Police called as large meteor appears over UK

USA : In Georgia, Gingrich helped build a conservative base, it is a must win state for him to stay in the race


USA : Rick Santorum is grandstanding by insulting America's national heroes, he may have even lost his mind

Syria : President Obama says Assad's days are numbered

Japan invents speech jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence

Kuwait registers 17 new world records

Iceland considering switch to the Canadian dollar

USA : Internet outage at Pentagon

Greece : Moody's downgrades Greece again

India : US house resolution asks the Government of an Indian state to restore religious freedom

India refuses Government guarantee on Syria oil imports

BP settles Gulf of Mexico oil spill lawsuit

USA : Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart talked politics in an L.A. bar an hour before dying

Israel ready to provide humanitarian aid to wounded Syrian protesters, says Israeli FM

Space : There is oxygen around Saturn's icy moon

Judge imposes lifetime driving ban on a seventeen year old boy to send a message against Reckless Driving

South Africa : Rural school running on methane bio gas

USA : Full Ohio delegate slate out of reach for Santorum

Iran : Voting has ended in parliamentary elections

Teen's ability to say words backwards instantly, surprises experts

CNN'S Piers Morgan : 'I began to really like Breibart'

Iran : Ahmadinejad rivals leading in Iran elections

"As President of the United States, I don't bluff."  President Obama warns Iran in a magazine interview.


Syria : Regime denies UN chief entry into Syria as Kofi Annan's mission is being probed

President Obama : Koran apology 'calmed things down'

Interpol website suffers 'Anonymous cyber attack'

Egypt lifts travel ban on seven US pro democracy campagners

Canada : Harper dismisses Robo-call scandal as 'smear campaign' by sore losers

Syrian forces launch ground assault on the city of Homs

Energy Secretary Chu says Administration is okay with high gas prices

North Korea agrees to nuclear moratorium

President Obama salutes Iraq war vets at a white house dinner

As GOP candidates continue their smear campaign against each other, voter confidence in President Obama improves

A congressional candidate running as a republican says 'the holocaust never happened'

Hezbollah : Israeli attack on Iran would set middle-east ablaze

Senators : US forces at risk due to Syrian chemical weapons

UK warns Argentina regarding the Falklands islands

Deer rescues woman from the attacker 

India : Home grown Jihadis, Lashkar's latest weapon

France, US arming Syrian rebels with anti aircraft missiles?

China to adopt new rules to combat pollution

India ignores US, keeps Iran ties

Google to dig deeper into Users' lives

Riddle of last Inca king's tomb may be solved

Bernanke warns lawmakers Nation headed for massive fiscal cliff

Russia : Putin warns opposition ahead of the presidential poll

Bhutan : A tiny Himalayan nation where success is measured by Gross National Happiness

Russia upgrades radar in Syria to aid Iran


Romney wins the Michigan primary

Syria storms out of UN Rights meeting

Belarus : EU pulls its ambassadors out of Belarus

Gas prices hit $5 a gallon in Long Island

US is putting pressure on India, China and Turkey to stop the Iranian oil

India : Terror strikes foiled in Delhi, two terror suspects arrested 

US policy aimed at buying time with Iran, says a senior official

revealed : US plans to charge Wikileaks Assange

Egypt judges bow out of foreign NGO trial, Clinton hopes for a resolution

Woman arrested for burning world's oldest tree

An asteroid that could hit the Earth in the year 2040

Bird flu, swine flu and now Bat flu

How Mitt Romney won Arizona?

USA : Gingrich targeting Super Tuesday states

OPEC leaders are laughing at us, says Donald Trump


Syria says nearly 90% voters approve the new constitution

Syria : 125 more people killed hours after the voting was finished

Japan : Retail sales boosted by a surge in demand for car sales

Israel won't warn the US before striking on Iran

India : Trade union strike evokes mixed response

Falklands Row : Argentina turns away ships

Ukraine : Tymoshenko ally jailed in Ukraine

Japan : Ghosts stalk Japan's tsunami city

Virgin Galactic to test-fly its spaceship this year

US : Afghanistan turmoil won't change US war plans

USA : Gingrich slams Santorum as a Big Labor Republican

Buffet :  Banks victimized by excesses of ousted homeowners

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gets beer shower

Wikileaks : Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran's nuclear facility

USA : One student shot dead, several hurt at Ohio high school


Iran : Only burning White House will compensate for burning Quran, says an Iranian Military Official

Colombia : FARC rebels to free hostages

Mexico : 22 Cruise line passengers were robbed in a Mexican resort

Three Doomsday experts are foreseeing devastation ahead

Syrians vote on new constitution as death toll mounts

US opening up airspace to use of drones

Kuwait : Sea city becomes a reality , 100,000 people to be housed there

Arizona Governor endorses Romney for President

Three Lesbians charged with hate crime for assaulting a gay man

Russia : Russians on alert for election tricks that may bring Putin back to power

Afghanistan : Suicide bombing at an Afghan airport kills nine

Iran is preparing for Kamikaze attacks

Pakistan completes destruction of Bin Laden's home erasing memories

West dismisses Syria constitution vote as farce

Syria : US to announce aerial blockade of Syria

Iran ready to wipe Israel off the map

Russia : Putin foes make a 10 mile long circle around the city center of Moscow

Science : Scientists use stem cells to generate human eggs

UK : Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

Afghanistan : US troops wounded in attack over Koran burning

Nepal : Now world's shortest man is a Nepalese

Hollywood : Golden lady Meryl Streep wins her third oscar

Canada : Train derailment kills three crew members

China denies shooting at Vietnamese boat

Russia : Putin assassination plan foiled

Iran's strategic policy is to strengthen Lebanese army, says the defense minister


IAEA says Iran expands nuke work, Russia says west wants regime change

'Friends of Syria' call to end of violence

Canada : Commission issues detailed abuse of native children

No Conspiracy : Ron Paul just dislikes Santorum

Russia : Putin vows increase in military spending

Hamas ditches Assad, backs Syria's revolt

Slovakia : Slovaks vote to name bridge Chuck Norris

UK : Heat from the burning dead bodies will heat a swimming pool

Bill Maher announces $1 million donation to Obama Super Pac

US State Department quietly warning the region on Syrian WMDs

Afghanistan : 12 people killed in Koran burning protests

UN sees spike in Iran's Uranium production

Egypt : Presidential candidate wounded in an apparent robbery

Millionaire tax and spending cuts are both popular

GOP considering changes to its rules in the primaries

Syria : Dozens killed in Syria, as world mulls peacekeeping plan

Saudi Arabia backs arming Syrian rebels

China will run short of 25 kinds of minerals by 2020

We are not afraid of Assad any longer but why must more people die?

World's most famous atheist Richard Dawkins cannot say with 100% certainty that God does not exist


Iraq : Spate of car bomb blasts kills 70 and injures hundreds in Iraq

Conference calls for urgent action in Somalia

India : Innocent jailed for 14 years, released now

Nepali slaves in the Middle East ; Video

Tunis conference aims to put pressure on Syria

UN draws up a list of Syrian war criminals

Iran's deceit uncovered through secret telexes

NASA will pay you to eat Astronaut food for 4 months

Clouds floating closer to Earth : Study

Suicide attack on a Pakistani police station kills four

USA : President hits back at GOP criticism of energy policy

Fears of another Iraq if troops enter Syria

Singer Chris Brown will be charged with a robbery

Russia expels a French journalist for talking to foes of Putin

Gingrich criticizes Koran burning apology by the US

China is preparing for space warfare, says a US General

USA : Arlen Specter says Santorum lied

Russia : Putin addresses a rally of about 130,000 people in Moscow

UN security council condemns terror attacks on Israeli diplomats

Chavez going back to Cuba for cancer surgery

Iranian scientist sought Israel's annihilation says his widow

China's "occupy" toilet protests spread

Gay judge won't perform marriages for straight couples  


US, N Korea in first nuke talks since Kim death

92 killed across Syria as opposition says the military intervention may be the only solution

Argentina : Dozens killed in a deadly train crash, hundreds injured

Syria : The death of two western journalist condemned

Doctors filmed agreeing to abortion based on gender

Chavez health creates uncertainty in Venezuela

Actor admits snorting cocaine at the White House correspondents dinner

Russia warns Israel not to attack Iran

Gas prices shooting through the roof

Russia warns against hasty conclusions over Iran

Russia not to attend 'Friends of Syria' meeting in Tunis, China refuses commitment

India hardens stand on the arrest of Italian Naval guards

Japan : Tokyo prepares as scientists predict big quake

Indonesia : Jail set on fire by the prisoners, Indonesian police raid the jail to regain control

Venezuela : Hugo Chavez faces new surgery again

Space : An alien planet full of water and first of its kind found

US Government is concerned about the hackers group 'Anonymous' causing blackouts

Did Hitler have a secret son, evidence supports alleged son's story

Santorum will have to answer on Satan : Rush Limbaugh

Russian scientists reanimate flowers from 30,000 year old seeds

Maldives : China wants India to resolve Maldives crisis

A painting named Scream is going to bring $80 million this summer

Report : US officials say Israel will need at least 100 planes to strike Iran

USA : Immigration enforcement program to be shut down

Chinese businessman acquires US bank for $60 million

New Zealand : MegaUpload millionaire Kim Dotcom granted bail

Facebook's nudity and violence guidelines are laid bare

Photos show alleged Iran bombs hidden in $27 radios

Afghanistan : Afghans vent fury over Koran burning, US apologizes

USA : According to Gallup unemployment rises to 9% in February

Dow briefly breaks through 13000 mark for the first time since may of 2008

USA : A mild earthquake felt across 13 states

UN nuclear agency reports failed talks with Iran

Iran threatening pre emptive strike

USA : New Ron Paul Ad slams Santorum as Fake


Iranian ships dock in Syria as China warns of civil war

Japan : Return to the disaster zone a year after the Fukushima accident

Afghanistan : US senators hold talks with Afghan president Karzai

Balochistan Resolution could dent ties with the US, says Pakistan's Foreign Minister

US drones are reportedly monitoring Syria from the sky

North Korea threatens merciless attack on South Korea, South ignores it

Senegal : Election anger mounts, new round of protests called

Greece : Agreement reached on Greek bailout plan

USA : Trump takes hatchet to Santorum

Ice age flower revived from frozen burrow

President Obama takes tougher stance on higher education

USA : Romney barely tops Santorum in Arizona primary poll

How going nuclear helps Iran's President?

BIBI will meet with President Obama over Iran issue next month

USA : Gas prices are going up due to tensions with Iran