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About:  Amrik S. Kang

Amrik was born in 1950 in a very small village in the state of Punjab in India.  His parents were very poor sharecroppers and owned less than one acre of their own land and a very small mud house.  (Note: His parents later immigrated to Canada and became Canadian Citizens).  He obtained his degree in Bachelor of Science in 1970 from the Punjab University.  Amrik renounced his Indian Citizenship and surrendered his Indian passport to the Indian Government about thirty years ago after Indira Gandhi a so called secular Prime Minister and her Congress Party a so called secular party exposed their true face by suspending all civil liberties and declared emergency rule in India in 1975 throwing almost all opposition behind bars.  Amrik was a student in an Engineering University at that time in West Germany.  Amrik became a STATELESS PERSON in protest after he was attacked by the agents of the Indian Government.  He did not want to go into permanent exile by applying for political asylum at that time not wanting to endanger the safety of his family members back home.  He was thrown out of Germany destroying his career and his studies to obtain his final degree in Mechanical Engineering after a four year stay there on a student visa because he had no longer a passport recognized by Germany to extend his student visa on. Germany refused to recognize his newly obtained World Service Authority passport.  There was nobody to speak for him in Germany at the time. However, he continued his legal fight and the struggle to get his life back all by himself. He has not visited India in the last twenty six years. He has been holding a US Green Card for over twenty years but he is still a STATELESS PERSON and never decided to apply for US Citizenship even though he is fully American at heart Owing Full Allegiance to The United States of America and its Flag that gave him his life back. He is also the proud father of his two U.S. born daughters. His life story is the subject matter of an entire book that he intends to write some day. He has already authored two books in Punjabi and five in English. He started his struggle against the communal but disguised as secular Nehru-Indira dynasty when he was only in his eighth grade in 1964 by organizing and leading a peaceful demonstration against a corrupt Nehru-Indira Gandhi's congress party MLA who was visiting Amrik's higher secondary school at the time.  He was immediately black listed by the Indian Regime and remains in that category until this day.  The fact of the matter is that Amrik S. Kang is not the problem rather he represents many problems the so called Indian Democracy still has.----In order to know a little more about him you can click here on More Links. Posted by :  Amrik S. Kang on January 21, 2008 the Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States.

On July 12, 2011 Amrik S. Kang took the oath of allegiance and officially became the Citizen of The United States of America after 27 years.  Update Posted : July 12, 2011 Puyallup, WA, USA. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________